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Let’s face it, life is stressful

When you own and run a business, those stresses tend to be magnified. A recent survey suggests that they are being magnified further as the economic situation deteriorates. So in this book we are looking specifically at what you as a business leader can do to reduce your stress levels.

Part 1, Stress proofing the business stuff, looks at what you can do to reduce and prevent the stress caused by your business and its financial situation. In Part 2, Stress proofing the money stuff, we look at what you can do to reduce and prevent the stress caused by your personal financial situation. In these first two parts much of the emphasis is on strengthening the financial and business fundamentals – since they are so often the primary sources of stress and anxiety for business leaders. So addressing them is often by far the best way of eliminating stress.

Part 3, Stress proofing the personal stuff, broadens the discussion by explaining how to reduce and prevent the stress caused by the other things going on in your life. It also gives you practical strategies for dealing with the stresses in your life, no matter how they are caused. Finally, Part 4 brings it all together into a practical action plan that shows you how to take the ideas in these pages and use them to improve your life.

Because we know that your time is precious we have been very, very selective. We have only included things that will make a profound difference, things that are practical, things that are specifically relevant to you as a business leader. These are the things that we regard as the 44 Keys to stress reduction that will help you to reduce stress from the moment you start using them.

Everything in these pages has been proven to work, and will work for you too.

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